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New Product Release From ESITrack, ESITrack H360 and ESITrack L360

March 23, 2006

After a very successfull launcing of ESITrack H350, now ESITrack, the vehicle tracking system company, release a very
new product named ESITrack H360, and ESITrack L360 on March 2006. ESITrack H360 have advanced capability on
vehicle tracking product, it is include GPRS and SMS communication, with high quality component, using Sony Ericsson
GSM engine and Ublox GPS receiver. ESITrack L360 using same standard as ESITrack H360, but no GSM communication
capability. ESITrack L360 is the real low cost vehicle tracking device, and even lower because there is no monthly GSM
cost for the operation of ESITrack L360.

ESITrack H360 have capability to send the position data either by SMS or GPRS, including the software utility tools. This
unit can work even with oziexplorer mapping software, so it will cost very low to the user. Using oziexplorer mapping
software, user can track up to 70 vehicles with software cost at only USD85. In case the user need to use their own
software, they only need to access data base from the utility software. ESITrack H360 have one relay output, so it can
be used to turn off the vehicle as immobilizer. When it set to send the data by SMS, it will include 10 position on one SMS,
very compact. Best of all, ESITrack H360 include data logger with up to 65.000 GPS data, so user can have more data
with this memory.

ESITrack L360 have GPS data logger up to 65.000 GPS data. Meaning of this capability is if we used to record GPS
data every 2 minute, then ESITrack L360 can record data up to three month!!

The unit work with both 12/24 Volt, and have low power capability, especially when the car is not used. ESITrack H360
have communication capability too when needed. Include with the unit is an external speaker and Microphone.

With all this feature, make ESITrack H360 will be compatible both for fleet tracking implementation, or for stolen vehicle
recovery need. ESITrack L360 have best implementation is on fleet need.

Sample order are available to buy from now for Aprill 2006 delivery. The quantity order will be available on Mei 2006.

"Combining of ESITrack image and excelent capability of the unit, we are pretty sure these product will have good
response on the market. These product as a new generation of vehicle tracking system, will expand the user choise on
fleet management," Akhmad Bafagih, the CEO of ESITrack explain.

You can buy ESITrack product from their online store at www.elitstore.com.

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