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ESITrack H350 Vehicle Tracking System Demo Package is Ready

February 03, 2005

The cheapest, high quality ESITrack H350 is ready with demo package now. It is include the software and GSM phone
modem. No need to wait anymore, just track your car, truck, or bus as simple as 1,2,3,4....Insert the card, install the unit,
connect the power, go to simple setting, and track.

PR9.NET February 03, 2005 - Bandung, Indonesia - ESITrack, the leading vehicle tracking system company released
their very new product named ESITrack H350 on October 2004. ESITrack H350 is based on GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle
tracking system. Using advanced technology of tracking system, and high quality component, make this unit very promising
as future vehicle tracking standard.ESITrack H350 using the reliable M2M product from Sony Ericsson as GSM engine, and
GPS receiver from Ublox.

ESITrack H350 have capability to send the position data either by SMS or GPRS, including the utility tools. In case the user
need to use their own software, they only need to access data base from the utility software by ODBC. ESITrack H350
have one isolated input, and one relay output, so it can be used to turn off the vehicle as immobilizer. When it set to send
the data by SMS, it will include 10 position on one SMS, very compact!

The unit work with both 12/24 Volt, and have low power capability, especially when the car is not used. ESITrack H350
have communication capability too when needed, include an external speaker and Microphone.

With all this feature make ESITrack H350 meet both need on vehicle tracking system, for fleet tracking implementation,
or for stolen vehicle recovery.

And now, ESITrack H350 comes up with demo unit package, so it become easier for the user to implement tracking on
thier vehicle. The demo unit include ESITrack H350 and GSM phone modem plus the NapaX Light tracking software!!
Yes plus free NapaX light tracking software as a bonus.

ESITrack H350 Demo Package is ready to buy now at only USD369 per set. It is include:

   - ESITrack H350,
   - Siemens GSM phone A65 as modem
   - Data cable for Siemens A65
   - NapaX Light Tracking Software

Just need to add Simcard, and local Map, then your tracking are ready.

"Many user worry to install their tracking, because they are not sure, is this right or wrong, it looks very complicated for them.
With our vehicle tracking demo package then many unsure problem will be eliminated, and make installing the vehicle
tracking system are very easy," Romi Hardiyanto, the Support Chief of ESITrack, explain